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  • Saravanan

  • June 18,2023 at 03:10PM

  • Theni

As many as 5000 school students who are under the Students in Responsible by ECO GREEN FOUNDATIN TEAM & Police Initiative (SIRPI) participated in the preparation of seed balls.

The TNPCB raises environmental awareness in the district through various programs and training. TNPCB promotes environmental consciousness among private sectors and conducts awareness

Planted 6 lakh trees in 6 hours made the gusiness record along with 6 ministers protecting 127 acres of grasslands for future germplasm in each Dindugal district.

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  • Green Revolution Achieving sustainability in a circular economy.

    To achieve sustainability in a circular economy, we are helping our reduce their environmental impact by providing them with alternative of plastics products in that employ Manufacturing with digital technology built around Awareness to society to save our Nature.

  • Blue Revolution Advancing the frontiers of Farming industry.

    We are advancing the Farming industry by accelerating the face of Organic Farming and automation to improve the working environment in production plant Trees for "WOOD & FOOD Concepts to processes

  • White Revolution improving the quality of life, & fulfilling our social responsibility.

    We are improving the quality of life regardless of lifestyle in numerous ways. For example, We are providing high-performance Value seeds to farmers to measure the health of Trees

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which produce 82,600,000
kilograms of oxygen annually

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SIRPI Seed ball event

About 5,000 Class 8 government school students from across the city participated in preparing five lakh seed balls that will be used for plantation drives by the forest department.

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